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  • Are you the type of person that needs some type of strong personal motivation?


  • Do you like training with a partner?


  • Would you get more from your workouts if someone took you through each exercise every time you came to workout?


  • Also are you the type of person that does not want to plan a workout? 



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If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our club's personal

one-on-one coaching program is a program that should be considered. 

Person training, personal coaching or working one-on-one with your own trainer is for anyone who struggles with any type of motivation when it comes to sticking with a fitness program.


How it works is simple, book a coach and he or she will be present when you arrive. Your coach will then guide you through every step of your workout, providing guidance and helpful tips as needed, as well as motivation to get the most out of your workout for that day.  Pairing up with a coach will give you the maximum workout with the least amount of confusion or hassle.


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For more information on the "Personal Training Programs" offered, or to book a coaching session please contact a member of the club's personnel. We have a variety of personal training programs that will fit each individuals fitness goals.

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 See the map below for the closest lifestyle fitness near you!

 See the map below for the closest lifestyle fitness near you!